GTZ Building

Complete refurbishment of the Administrative Office Building 1 of the GTZ

Project Data

Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH

Gross floor area (m²): 33,477
Usable floor area (m²): 29,600
No. of workplaces: 800
Project cost (EUR): 27 million
2 floors below ground,
9 floors above ground
Awarded Services
  • Architectural competition
  • General planning for architecture, interior design, structural engineering, building services, fire protection and building physics
  • Reworking of preliminary evaluation, concept design and design development, application for planning permission
  • Complete details and working drawings, specifications and bill of quantities, tendering and awarding, quality control and site supervision, as-built documentation
Unique Challenges
  • Public sector
  • General planning
  • Canteen serving 600 meals
  • Conference centre and auditorium
  • GTZ internal data centre
  • Underground parking garage
  • Sustainability through conscious choice of materials and application of „ecosan” technique. “Ecological Sanitation” is a new paradigm in municipal water management, which considers waste water from buildings as a resource that can be recovered, treated if necessary and ultimately reused. Ecosan systems allow the nutrients contained in waste water to be recovered and used again in agriculture, therefore improving soil fertility and grown agricultural products, while minimising the depletion and pollution of fresh water resources. It is also possible to generate biogas systems into renewable energy