“Dynamic Data Center”

New built Twin Core Data Centres “Dynamic Data Center”
Magdeburg and Biere

Project Data

Client: T-Systems International GmbH

Gross floor area Biere (m²) 19,385 data centre, 3,568 office building 1; 1,926 office building 2
Gross floor area Magdeburg (m²) 8,258
Gross volume Biere (m³): 97,817 data center, 16,197 office building 1; 7,606 office building 2
Gross volume Magdeburg (m³): 41,130
No. of workplaces: Biere 100, Magdeburg 30
TÜV IT level 3
PUE < 1.3
White Space Biere (m²): 4,100 in the first stage; 30,600 in the final project stage
White Space Magdeburg (m²): 1,800 in the first stage; 3,600 in the final project stage
Electrical Capacity in the first stage: Biere 15 MW, Magdeburg 7.5 MW
Electrical Capacity in the final project stage: Biere 127.5 MW, Madgeburg 15 MW
Awarded Services
  • Concept design and design development, application for planning permission, complete details and working drawings, tendering and awarding, assessment of shop-drawings during quality control
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Participation in LEED certification
Unique Challenges
  • Modular building concept for implementation in different locations and scales
  • Integration into existing data center environment in Magdeburg
  • By adding up data centre modules data centre clusters are created
  • LEED Gold